Area 1 – Downtown

Downtown TNT meets 5 times (January, March, June, September, November) a year on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Robert P. Kinchen Central Library; 447 South Salina St. CNY Meeting Room, 3rd Floor.

The Living Heart of Syracuse
The Downtown TNT is dedicated to making Downtown Syracuse a desirable, accessible place to live, work, and shop.  Downtown TNT meets on the 3rd Wednesday during the months of January, March, June, September and November.
Downtown is the business center of the City. Within the Downtown area are several historic buildings as well as more modern structures that provide office and retail space to many firms and retailers. Its grid-like street structure is intersected by Onondaga and Genesee Streets. The major public plazas in Downtown are Armory Square, Hanover Square, Columbus Circle and Clinton Square. There are also a number of urban cultural parks which provide open space for formal events as well as places to spend a lunch hour in the outdoors.