What if I need some help filling out the proposal form?  Don’t worry!  Your Area Facilitators or TNT Coordinator will help answer your questions or provide additional guidance as to how to fill out the proposal form.

Who is responsible for completing a project proposal? Sectors will be responsible for completing projects.  The TNT Coordinator can give advice and guidance.

Can my project take place after June 30th if the materials are purchased by the end of the fiscal year?  No. Projects will be completed within the quarter when money was given.  Receipts must be given to TNT the same quarter within 4 weeks of project completion.

If there is a change in my proposal from what was originally voted upon, does it need to come back to the group for a re-vote? If there is a change in your project from what was originally submitted on the proposal form and voted upon, you will need to bring this up at your next TNT meeting for discussion to determine if a re-vote is needed before funding is disbursed.

How are payments made for a project? Each sector has funds for activities and items that the constituents vote for in sector meetings.

Funds payments can be made for the following:

  1. Payments for invoices for items to be received.
  2. Payments for receipts for items already purchased.
  3. Events planned with a budget.

Payments should not be made to individuals, but rather to companies or organizations for which a receipt and tax ID Number is given, except in cases of reimbursement. This is to minimize the need to issue Federal Tax 1099 forms.

**Receipts must be submitted and received by the TNT Coordinator by June 30th of the year.**

What happens if my project does not use all the money it received for a project? Money not spent by June 30th of the project year must be returned to TNT by June 30th of the project year.

Can I submit a project proposal for an event? Yes. If you do, a Fiscal Sponsor must be secured prior to the purchasing of any items for the project.  The Fiscal Sponsor should have a Federal 501c3.  Contact your facilitator and the TNT Coordinator for more information.

What is a Fiscal Sponsor? A Fiscal Sponsor refers to a non-profit organization.  The Fiscal Sponsor offers their legal and tax-exempt status to groups engaged in activities related to the organization's missions.

If I don’t use the email can I still propose a project? Yes, just list a phone number to contact you at and bring a filled out paper proposal to your TNT meeting.

Can I submit multiple proposals in one fiscal year? Yes.  However, most TNT groups will want to spread the money out to different groups and areas of the sector so it is only advised if your area has few projects to consider.

What happens to the Special Project money if my sector does not spend the entire $5,000? If money is not spent by the end of the City’s fiscal year, TNT will not be able to get the funds reimbursed by the city.  All unspent money will remain with the city.  TNT is trying to get this changed in future budget years.