How Does it Work?

TNT is organized into eight geographic areas. The groups are facilitated by volunteers and supported by the TNT staff. Each area is as unique as the neighborhood it represents. 

Each TNT sector meets regularly to address issues of concern, celebrate successes, work on long-term plans for their sector, vote on Community Building Projects and establish Task Forces to address specific areas of concern. 

Neighborhood stakeholder groups include: residents, businesses, schools, religious organizations, elected officials, agencies, and representatives of City departments including: Park & Recreation, Public Works, Neighborhood and Business Development, Code Enforcement and the Police.


What are the Sectors Doing?

– Preserving green space and making the public areas cleaner and more beautiful

– Keeping our neighborhoods safe from crime and building mutually respectful relationships with the police

– Stopping the deterioration of neighborhood housing by working with landlords, tenants and the courts; and investigating innovative home ownership strategies

– Building efficient links between City government and the people who need and use city services

– Helping our children succeed in school and helping youth build successful lives

– Preserving the historic treasures of our city and stopping poorly considered development

If I Want to Become Part of My Neighborhood TNT, What Do I Do?

To get started, attend one of your area’s meetings. You can participate in discussion and learn what your area is working on. If there is an area of special interest to you, you may become a neighborhood leader in that area.  Sign up to receive monthly meeting notices and other important information by filling out the form on our Contact Page.