Each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) TNT offers $5,000 for Special Projects within each TNT Sector.  Special Project Proposals are available for each Sector to propose community-building projects. Collectively, each Sector discusses and votes upon the project proposal(s) that will enhance their community and meet the criteria outlined in the Special Project Guidelines.

Past Examples

Custom made benches, trash cans, community garden, American flags, batting cage turf, public art sculpture, custom made bike racks, renovating the Salt Springs Cemetery, Dog & People Fountain in Thornden Park, Home Headquarters Block Blitz, Creek Float Event, Literacy Program, Community Festivals.

Consider the following

Cohesion: Projects that create opportunities for the community to come together to facilitate community relationship building or community Pride.
Awareness: Projects that create a clean, safe, physical environment, promotes sustainability and protects the natural environment.
Empowerment: Projects that are supportive of educating individuals and families on ways to enrich their living environment and resources.
Collaboration: Projects must be inclusive to all neighbourhood residents. It is strongly encouraged to work with at least one other community organization within the Area.


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