The Gifford Foundation's "What If..." Film Series

The Urban Jobs Task Force is hosting “From the Ground Up,” part of The Gifford Foundation’s “What If…” Film Series

When a community is devastated by destructive social forces or strangulated by economic disinvestment, its people must rely on their strengths to rebuild. Every community has ingenuity, determination, and an ability to work together. These are strengths. Through film clips that study the devastation of America's "Black Wall Street" in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Syracuse's 15th Ward, followed by a presentation from PUSH Buffalo about the grassroots organizing that has revitalized our sister city, we will learn and talk about how determination, creativity, and cooperation can lead to economic re-investment, resilience and sustainability.

 Join us on Monday, October 16 at 6pm at Southwest Community Center, as the Urban Jobs Task Force facilitates a conversation to explore and understand what it means to rebuild a community "From the Ground Up".