Group Workcamps Free Home Repair 2018

Group Workcamps® began in response to an incredible need.  In July of 1976, more than 12 inches of rain fell in three hours near Loveland, Colorado...flooding the Big Thompson River. The river raged...destroying houses, washing away roads, and killing over 140 people. It was a tragic day for the people of the area.

In response, the staff of Group Magazine put out a call for help. Church youth groups were asked to come and rebuild local homes and the lives of those affected. Over 300 youth and their adult leaders showed up ready to serve the residents of the Big Thompson Canyon.

Since 1977, the organization has provided more than 6 million hours of volunteer service directly to people in need. Group Cares (a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization) works together with many types of partners to cosponsor volunteer service projects providing home repairs for elderly, disabled, or low- income residents.

A typical camp consists of approximately 300-400 youth and adult participants representing as much as 12,000 hours of volunteer labor. Participants pay a registration fee, which covers the cost of food, lodging, programming, insurance, and a portion of the project materials. All participants are matched within a small crew that typically consists of one adult and five youth. Youth groups are split up to work with participants from other groups providing them with the opportunity to make new friends from across the nation. They build wheelchair ramps, mend and build porches, paint, and perform other simple, yet meaningful, home repairs for those who need it most. Depending on the number of participants, they are able to complete work on approximately 65-70 homes that are selected by our local Cosponsors.

During camp the participants are housed in a local lodging facility. Participants gather together for large group meetings in the gym, eat in the cafeteria, shower in the locker rooms, and sleep in classrooms.



· For 2018 students will be housed at West Genesee high school

· Completed applications – due by October 31, 2017

· Applications will only be accepted for home owner occupied homes

· Applications can be mailed or faxed


· Site surveyors will be around to inspect during the fall and winter

· April 2018 timeframe sites will be selected

· Projects to be completed summer 2018

· 30 Volunteers are needed to help facilitate various tasks for the youth/home repair projects

Group Workcamps 2018 Application.jpg