FINAL 2018-20 (UNSAAC) Funding Recommendations

The City of Syracuse is happy to announce the award recipients for the University Neighborhood Service Agreement Advisory Committee(UNSAAC) funding allocation.   

 Please find the FINAL 2018-20 (UNSAAC) Funding Recommendations below.  The allocations below represent the full amount to be received over a 2-year period  for a total of $750,000 of local grant funding.  A PUBLIC MEETING will be held on Wednesday,  June 13th, 2018 at 5:30PM in the Atrium City Hall Commons, 201 E. Washington Street, Syracuse, NY 13202.   Please feel free to contact our offices at NBD for any information, questions or concerns by calling (315) 448-8100.

Funding Allocation Recommendations

Dunbar Association | Dunbar Educational Series

Project Invincible will positively impact the neighborhood by keeping youth engaged in positive programming, connecting with Syracuse University interns to build educational and career skills, while also providing University students with developing positive relationships with neighboring youth and residents.

 Outer Comstock Neighborhood Association | Homebuyer Assistance Grants + 1% Improvement Loans

The Outer Comstock Neighborhood association will continue to replicate the University Neighborhood Preservation Association (UNPA) homebuyer assistance grant program and the 1% home Improvement loans program in the Outer Comstock Neighborhood. These programs would incentivize owner-occupancy and support quality housing stock in the neighborhood. While OCNA would receive the funds, UNPA would act as fiscal sponsor and administer the funds.

 Southside TNT | Green + Clean Initiative

The program focus is to build a thriving community and initiate a greater sense of pride in a community filled with vulnerabilities.  Providing trash receptacles in and flower beautification in poverty stricken areas on the Southside impact area.


Thornden Park Association | Park Column Restoration + Lighting

The Thornden Park Association will restore and relight Thornden Park's historic entrance columns, enhancing the Park's historic integrity. The goal is to improve the connection between students and surrounding neighborhoods by improving perceived safety of the park.

 University Neighborhood Preservation Association – Financial Incentive Programs

The University Neighborhood Preservation Association (UNPA) works to encourage owner-occupancy in the Special Neighborhood District, particularly in the area immediately adjacent to Syracuse University through its homebuyer’s assistance grant program, 1% home improvement loan program and “Save Our Streets” program.

 Westcott Area Cultural Coalition | Westcott Street Cultural Fair

Funds will be used to support the annual Westcott Street Cultural Fair, a yearly event enjoyed by neighborhood residents, visitors to the neighborhood, and students, for the next two years.

 Westcott Community Center | Programming

The Westcott Community Center will continue to deliver programs to improve quality of life in the University Neighborhood, including 11 human service programs, 8 arts and cultural programs, and 10 community programs on an annual basis. They will also continue to provide opportunities for University students to become involved in the community through participation in these programs as well as opportunities for volunteerism.

 Westcott Neighborhood Association – Quality of Life Enhancements

The Westcott Neighborhood Association will design and install the following within and adjacent to the Westcott Street Business District: replacement of ten existing trash receptacles; addition of two new receptacles; and installation of four bike racks. 

 Questions about this grant or the application process can be directed to the Department of Neighborhood and Business Development at 315-448-8100, Visit


University Neighborhood Service Agreement Advisory Committee:


Rebecca Shaffer Mannion, Chair, University Neighborhood Preservation Association (UNPA)

Hon. Latoya Allen, Syracuse Common Council, 4th District

Camille Coakley, Southside appointee

Kristopher Dodson, Outer Comstock Neighborhood Association (OCNA)

Hon. Joseph Driscoll, Syracuse Common Council, 5th District

Bea Gonzalez, Syracuse University

Grant Johnson, Westcott Neighborhood Association (WNA)

Matt Oja, Thornden Park Association (TPA)

Michael A Stanton, Southeast University Neighborhood Association (SEUNA)