Area 3 – Southside

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TNT Area 3 Southside regularly meets on the 1st Monday at 6:00 p.m. at the South Side Innovation Center, 2610 S. Salina St.

The Spirit of Syracuse

The Community is one that embraces diversity, live, work and play in unity.

The primary focus of Syracuse South Side (Tomorrows’ Neighborhoods Today) TNT is to recognize, cultivate and promote the personality, the gifting, the individualities, interest and values of each community resident young and old.

It is our expressed purpose to promote and provide safe productive family structure regardless of economic status, or any other impending or perceived limitations.

As an ever growing diverse community represented by six distinct neighborhoods each area is individually identifiable yet cohesive in values.  As represented in the “Five Year Plan” developed from a comprehensive study and community survey, we are diligently working to enhance our neighborhoods by providing provocative measures to identify and cultivate the highest level educational system, promote family equality, employment opportunities as well as technical training/internship when needed.  These training/internships are to be earmarked and offered to community residents in prime economic development ventures throughout the City of Syracuse furthering community management and economic stability.

Area 3:  Is comprised of six unique residential neighborhoods:  Brighton, Elmwood, Southside, Southwest, Strathmore, and Wink worth.

The Southside is also home of six public parks, each, with the exception of Elmwood are equipped with public swimming pools:   Elmwood (which is home to Furnace Brook) offers trout fishing accessible to newly renovated houses a beautiful waterfall and scenic walking trails. Kirk is home to the Youth Enrichment Outreach Project and the Pop Warner Kirk Park Colts.  An extension of the Creek Walk a viable walking trail of the Syracuse community has been extended through the Kirk Park Pathway lined with newly planted trees.

Lower Onondaga has recently revitalized its space adding water features enhancing the grassy play area.  It also houses a unique greenhouse conservatory which services many Syracuse neighborhoods with foliage.  Upper Onondaga (which includes Hiawatha Lake) is surrounded by family residences.  McKinley has been overhauled including the newly developed Jim Boehiem Basketball Court, and Wilson Park one of the oldest parks located in the heart of the Historic Pioneer Homes Housing Complex, the oldest in the country.  Also embodied within the Southside are Bakers Playground, Libba Cotton Grove, and Spirit of Jubilee Park, as well as unique Green Spaces such as the Sankofa and Borden Pocket Parks, each serves as recreational spaces designed for neighborhood residents and community engagement.  Revitalizing open spaces such as the Rahma Garden highly visible to the 81 highway onramps is ongoing by the Beautification Task Force of Southside TNT. The Brady Farm; growing in the mist of the urban setting are fresh produce planted, cultivated and harvested for the total Syracuse population. 

Area 3: Community participation and dedication has developed into a total of nine productive Task Forces:  Crime and Safety, Communications/Media/Special Events, Economic Development/Business, Grant Writing/Fund Raising, Health and Wellness, Neighborhood Beautification, Neighborhood Management/Housing, Voter Education/Outreach, Youth and Education.  These Task Forces collectively are working to enrich the living conditions within the Southside community.


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